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Need, don’t

Need silence to write? Don’t write around people.

Need to stop drinking Diet Coke? Don’t be around soda.

Need to read more? Don’t have a TV in your bedroom.

Getting what you need is easy. Don’t you know?

Your 2014

My best advice for 2014? Don’t listen to people’s advice.

But if you must:

  • Give some advice.
  • Rescue a dog.
  • Go for a run.
  • Give up cable.
  • Give up Facebook.
  • Steam broccoli.
  • Make soup.

Anything less specific, more challenging or takes more time is bad advice.

Do what you want with my questions

I ask a lot of questions. Many of them are rhetorical. But I sometimes I really want some answers. So here are a few questions I’ve been stuck on:

  • Why do hockey players look smaller on TV compared to their size when you see a game in-person?
  • Where does all the poop go?
  • Have you ever purchased an e-book? If yes, how’d it go?
  • Have you ever seen Jerry Seinfeld perform stand-up live? What’d you think?
  • What do I do about my fear of being an insignificant speck in a vast universe?
  • What’s a good set of wireless headphones?
  • Why do I crave attention but hate being the center of it?

If you’re bored with the song you’ve been singing, aren’t your fans bored, too?

Just work

He left his job in finance to do photography. No, not me. Meet Brandon Stanton. He’s the guy behind “Human’s of New York,” a blog and now New York Times Bestselling book.

His advice to everyone, ironically? Just work.

If you have an idea, just work on it.

If you have a dream, just work on it.

If you care, just work.

Waiting until it’s perfectly ready does nothing until you just work.

Just work.

Just a little.


How it’s certain the NFL doesn’t want to change

The NFL wants to make its game safer. Players are bigger, faster, stronger. Yet, the field remains the same size.

To change the way its players play, the NFL changed its rules. But it hasn’t really changed the way players play. The game is no more safe.

Why? Because following the rules is a choice.

To change the way players play, the NFL ought to change the field. A little wider should do the trick.

Why? Because the players will have no choice.

They’ll change the way they play.

Don’t tell an elephant how to get there. Shape the path so he has no choice.

$1.50 per day: Feh!

A new study says, contrary to widely held belief, eating healthy is not that more expensive than eating junk. They calculated it costs an extra $1.50 per day.

Great. Will this get anyone to change eating their habits? Very few.

Logic, analysis, reason has no impact on decision-making after a stressful day. $1.50 certainly doesn’t either.

But a study that says eating healthy lets you spend time with 1.5 more grandkids?

That would make an impact.

Quality endures

Another reason expecting quality is best in the long run.

Facebook announced an update to their News Feed algorithm this week to focus on high quality content. They aim to serve you more news and less “meme photos.”

That’s good news for publishers, like lifeisnoyoke (wink), that have always believed in quality. What’s more, articles from the past will now resurface in News Feeds to “keep the conversation going” for longer.

Moral of the story? Expect better content on your Facebook News Feed. And expect better quality of yourself.