16 of my favorite non-things from 2015

I could spend the next two hours putting together a best of ULB in 2015.

But instead, I’m going to do this: Here’s a list of my favorite non-things from the past year.

Note: This is an unfiltered, unedited brain-dump.

  1. Lunches with friends.
  2. Lunches with family.
  3. Visiting family (hi, Nana!)
  4. Getting emails from strangers.
  5. Getting emails from friends.
  6. Seeing my sister become a mom.
  7. Spending time with people I work with.
  8. Presenting to people I work with.
  9. Waking up with my lovely fiancee.
  10. Waking up with my loving dog.
  11. Stuffing my face with vegan comfort food.
  12. Riding my scooter in the summer.
  13. Playing basketball on Saturdays.
  14. Playing softball on Mondays.
  15. Taking pictures with my camera (not phone).
  16. Making silly signs.
  17. Going to the dog beach.

Not surprisingly, only two of those things are work-related. And both of them are like being in school: learning, teaching, and goofing around.

Other themes: food, family, exercise.

Seems like the goal for 2016 is more of that stuff.

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