How do email anyone cold

If you lookup strategies for emailing someone cold, you’re already screwed.

They’re not replying.

If you try to spark their curiosity by providing vague, but enticing (or scary) details, you’ve already lost.

They’re not replying.

If you carefully describe the problems you want to solve and the benefits awaiting them for replying, you’re done.

They’re not replying.

But maybe, just maybe, if you are so honest, so self-depreciating, so relatable, you might stand out from the crowd.

And then, they might just reply.

I could give you the template that works for me.

But that would render it useless for all of us (see above).

(Unless! Unless I did tell you my cold email method.

Then, I could use the subject line, “My cold emailing method went viral and now using it makes me sound like a desperate moron. But now that you’ve seen my ability to influence the masses, can I ask for a one-sided favor despite not knowing you at all?”)

Moral of the story: Be super genuine with your cold emails. You might get a reply if you demonstrate awareness of knowing how annoying it is to get one.