15 and 5

Remember that 55-minute timer I mentioned a while back?

You know, work for 55 minutes then take a break for five? Get up, stretch, chug water, pee, etc.

Well, I’ve been playing with a new version of that.

The 15-minute timer.

It’s fifteen minutes of work followed by five minutes of break.

Seems like a lot of breaking, right? 25% of your work day is spent NOT working.

But isn’t that the case already? (Even when I was doing a 55-minute timer, I’d only get through a few full cycles with the rest of the day spent goofing around).

This way, your breaks are scheduled and the time you DO work is more productive.

With fifteen minutes on, five minutes off, I’m feeling:

  • More productive with day (as a whole).
  • More aware of how I’m spending my time.
  • More efficient with tasks (not getting lost in minute details that don’t move the needle).

I’ve been using the free focus booster app for a few days now. Try it?

[HT to NF for the 15 and 5 suggestion]