The Office Chair Problem

For a while, I’ve struggled with office chairs.

Ultimately, I know I should sit on them less and will have my problem solved.

Alas, I have some computer-heavy days and am stuck with the following options.

  1. Use a kitchen-table-style chair. (No arm rests, no wheels, no height adjustment.)
  2. Use an exercise ball. (Same as above, although slightly more lateral mobility.)
  3. Setup a standing desk. (Probably best for my body. And would work great some days. But a writer’s gotta sit.)
  4. Buy an office chair from a big box store. (Over-priced, poorly built and surprisingly uncomfortable.)
  5. Buy an $800 Herman Miller office chair. (Satisfies all the above problems, but is outrageously priced.)

(TLDR: As I’m writing this, I could see the same argument being made for Vitamix. And, as I look at the Herman Miller website, I see their company history is very similar my partner from Olmsted Township, Ohio. Early 1900s, USA-based, basically one product. So, my forthcoming conclusion to this post will either be hypocritical or, perhaps prophetical on a couple levels.)

My solution?

Ask the world to create a market-disrupting office chair company similar to what Tuft and Needle is doing for mattresses.

Someone please do this.

I will advise, invest, and promote as needed.

The world needs this office chair problem solved.