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Value of Each Gift in a Set

One gift is nice.

Two gifts are nice, too.

But a set of two gifts aren’t worth twice as much as one.

As set of two gifts is equivalent to about 1.2 gifts.

That means each gift in a set of two is worth .6 gifts.

So if the formula for the value of each gift is is 1.2 ^ (n-1)) / n , then:

  • Each gift in a set of 1 = 1 gift (duh).
  • Each gift in a set of 2 = .6 gifts.
  • Each gift in a set of 3 = .48 gifts.
  • Each gift in a set of 10 = .52 gifts.
  • Each gift in a set of 17 = 1.09 gifts.

So basically, unless you’re giving a set of 17 gifts, you might be better off just giving one.

Here’s the chart if you’re into that. 🙂

Why yesterday was great

The day before yesterday sucked.

But yesterday was great.

Here’s why:

  1. I had great work out.
  2. I wrote 3,000 ish words (productive).
  3. I played with my dog in the park.
  4. I had a flawless morning routine.
  5. I made dinner w/ the girl.
  6. I watched two episodes of Game of Thrones (after dinner!).
  7. I drank half-a-dozen big glasses of herbal tea (hydration!).
  8. I learned that negative, selfish headlines suck.

The formula is simple:

Eat right. Be present. Exercise. Stay positive.


Possible Reasons Why Yesterday Sucked (10 of ’em)

Yesterday sucked.

But before I try to figure out why, I should put things into perspective.

Relative to 99% of the world, yesterday didn’t suck.

I woke up when I wanted to. I worked at my own pace. I took a two-hour lunch with my girl. Then, we watched two episodes of Game of Thrones.

And I probably made some money.

So who the fuck am I to complain?

But relative to my days over the last several months, yesterday sucked.


The last several months have been outrageously:

  • Productive.
  • Satisfying.
  • Happy.

And yesterday was none of that.

So here I go.

Why Yesterday Sucked

It all boils down to a few reasons why yesterday sucked.

  • I didn’t get much work done when I was “working.”
  • I didn’t have any fun when I “wasn’t working.”

Basically, I was distracted.

All damn day.

Possible reasons why I was distracted (causing yesterday to suck)

I could tell yesterday was going to suck. From the first thing I did, it was clearly going to be a pooper.

Then, I did nothing to help my cause.

Here are 10 possible reasons why yesterday sucked. No one is necessary for a sucky day. But I’m convinced many are sufficient.

  1. Twitter and Instagram. I looked at Twitter and Instagram in bed, immediately when I woke up. Why can’t I resist? Why do I keep reinstalling them on my phone? I’m convinced THIS SINGLE MISTAKE put me on a tailspin the rest of the day, causing…
  2. Yoga and meditation. I could not get in a zone the entire morning session.
  3. The Girl (during the workday). I was distracted by her all throughout my morning routine. Then, again as I was trying to start working. Not her fault, though.
  4. The Dog. I didn’t take her on a long walk. I used the cold and rain as an excuse.
  5. The Workout. I didn’t do it.
  6. The Smoothie. I didn’t have one.
  7. Game of Thrones. What made it a good idea to watch episodes DURING the work day? A day that was supposed to be productive (write 2,000 words)
  8. Caffeine. I had WAY too much of it.
  9. Meditation. Didn’t do my post-workday-clear-the-mind-get-ready-for-a-relaxing-evening session.
  10. Dinner. I ordered in Chinese Food at 10pm.

Takeaways from Yesterday

There are many, but here’s a few:

  • Morning routine. Don’t skip it or break it. And follow the rules (weather only, one cup of coffee, write).
  • Workout. Don’t skip it. Even if it’s cold. It makes you happy breaks up the day nicely. Plus, it’s part of your job, man.
  • The Dog. See above.
  • Boundaries. The work day is for work. After work is for Game of Thrones and hanging with The Girl.

Good thing is that today is a new day.

And yesterday, at least you learned something.

The Wise and The Immature

Some people are immature because of their age.

Some people are immature in spite of their age.

But it takes wisdom to see immaturity.

And since the two are mutually exclusive, the wise will always be at the mercy of the immature.

That is, unless, the wise are at peace with themselves.

Don’t know, don’t care

You want to know everything.

  • How it works.
  • Why it happened.
  • How they’re doing.

But just because it’s knowledge to obtain, it doesn’t mean you ought to obtain it.

Don’t be afraid to make the hard decision: Decided indifference.

Some stuff just isn’t worth learning.

Crappy desk chairs

The most comfortable office chairs cost several hundreds of dollars.

They have mesh seats. Adjustable arm rests. Hundreds of configurations.

They’re so good, you never need to get up.

But, I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

If my desk chair were THAT good, I’d probably never get up.

So, cheers to mediocre desk chairs.

Thanks to you, I stand up for phone calls. I refill my water bottle. And I move my body when it would otherwise be tempting to not.

The real you

Easiest way to make your job easy:

Be yourself.

It takes a ton of energy to constantly be someone you’re not. Eventually, you’ll get burned out.

The real you is a light that burns forever.

Be a helper

Instead of guessing what your customers, clients, and fans want, why not ask them?

What do you need more of?

What should be easier than it was yesterday?

What are you tired of seeing, hearing, reading?

Now you’re a helper.

And you’re giving them what they want.

Isn’t that what you want?