Difference between Facebook and Google

Two tech giants are in the news lately for making big changes to their products.

  1. Facebook. They’re FORCING users to download their messaging app. It’s now the only way to send messages across their network. Facebook says it’s to improve the user experience. Many, however, are finding it tough to see the benefit for anybody other than Facebook and its shareholders. Privacy and unwanted, direct solicitations are a main concern.
  2. Google. They’re RECOMMENDING websites switch to SSL encrypted URLs (green verified https) to get preferential treatment on organic page rank. Google says it’s to improve user experience. They’re citing more secure, identity-verified sites makes a better internet. It also means fewer spammy sites (unwilling to pay for SSL encryption) and better privacy for your (now encrypted) information.

Users are strongly against the former and are racing to adopt the latter.

I know my site will have SSL encryption (https) in the next couple weeks.

So many lessons here…

But the bottom line?

Which tech company will your business be like?