Four steps to be a status report hero

Here are the essential elements of a good status reports. Size doesn’t matter.

  1. Did: Here’s what’s been accomplished.
  2. Doing: Here’s the plan.
  3. Milestones: Here’s what we’re aiming for, when.
  4. Unless: Here are the risks and potential conflicts.

Client / contractor example: Did the about page and recipe template. Doing the review template. Milestones are getting them both done by Friday, unless you don’t review my work.

Parent / child example: Just got back from the mall. Sleeping at Billy’s. Will be back by 10, unless Billy’s mother can’t get her car out of the snow.

Spouse / spouse example: Got to work late. Working on 1MB project until 7pm. Will be home at 7:30 unless traffic is worse than normal on highway.

Follow those four steps. You’ll be a hero at work and home.