Low Fat, Free, SHOCKING: Ironically

In business, it’s tempting to win through trickery.  But who are you appealing to?  The less intelligent?  The less educated?  The less fortunate?  What, Average Americans?

Big food tricks Average Americans into thinking their products are healthy.  Take the “Low Fat!” bait and what do you get?  Diabetes.

Free Credit Report dot com makes tricks people into thinking their products are free.  Take the “Free” bait, and what do you get?  Monthly charges on your credit card.

Some email marketers use ALL CAPS in parts of the subject lines.  Take the “SHOCKING” bait and what do you get?  A stinking pile of garbage.  Plus, a link to click, probably leading you to another stinking pile of garbage.

But aren’t we all getting smarter?  More educated.  More exposed.  Less likely to be tricked?

Statisticians may challenge the notion of Average Americans being ever-present.  Yes, average is a relative term.  But Average Americans are becoming Above Average Americans, compared to the past.  And isn’t figuring new ways to trick them a lot tougher, in the long run, than earning their trust and treating them with respect in the short term?