Needing Dexter

There’s a serial killer out there.  He’s like someone Dexter would hunt.

First, he stalks his prey and punches them in the arm.  He does it nightly.

Then, he goes for the back and legs.  It’s just one giant punch, so he never gets caught.

Finally, he kidnaps his weakened victim.  The victim is placed in a dark cell, alone, and faces the same nightly assault.  The serial killer’s trade mark?  He’s compassionate, in a way.  His victim gets an HDTV with surround sound.  The channels are of his friends and family speaking directly to him.  He can see them and hear them.  Loud and clear.  What’s more, his family and friends can see him through a surveillance camera (no sound).

The nightly assault continues for about five years.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.

That’s some crazy Dexter shit, huh?  Well, the serial killer calls himself ALS.

The chance you’re next is quite small.  But, are you comfortable roaming the streets knowing he’s out there?

I’m not.  And neither is Mike Winston.


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