Lance, Lou and CVS

These days, when you check out at CVS, there’s an extra step.  “Would you like to make a donation to ALS?”  You can choose $1, $5 or “No, thanks.  Not today”.

Unfortunately, CVS’s checkout screen doesn’t show you much.  There’s no video like this one about Mike Winston and Winning for Winston.  Or this one about Steve Gleason from the NFL.  Or an excerpt from Susan Spencer-Wendel’s book.  When you’re asked for a donation to ALS, it’s just small text and a blurry ALS logo.

Everyone knows someone who died from cancer.  So, there’s a connection.  With ALS, Lou Gehrig might be all they know.

Are you willing to feel connected to Mike?  Or Steve?  Or Susan?

Please don’t say, “No, thanks.  Not today.”