Dear airlines: This is why we love FedEx

What do you get from FedEx?  Is it a new shirt from JCrew?  Maybe.  Is it a pair of Bulls tickets?  Maybe.  A Vitamix 7500?  Maybe.

You can get a lot of different things from FedEx.  But, no matter what you get, you always get status.  A status update.  Your tracking number.  Every step along the way, you get a status update of where your stuff is.  No waiting.  No worrying.

You will have your shirt in time the wedding.  You will have your tickets in time for the big game.  You will have your Vitamix in time for your party.  Why?  Because you got five status updates saying so.

So why haven’t airlines figured this out?  Checking a bag isn’t painful because of the fees.  Or the line.  It’s because you leave your bag in exchange for hope.  A chance.  A big question mark at the carousel.

Seriously, what flier would say no to a tracking number for their bag?  A little status update.  You can keep the peanuts.

NOTE: There will be a race to implement this technology into the flying process.  My prediction is that Southwest is the first.  And if not, the first airline will charge a premium for the service.

3 thoughts on “Dear airlines: This is why we love FedEx

  1. Lynette

    Good call! I love FedEx. There drivers are usually working on a self-employed type model, franchising the route. Hence they seem much more eager to get your packages to you. One particularly snowy Christmas, I ordered gifts online and paid for faster shipping to get the packages in time. I was supposed to receive packages via both UPS and FedEx. The only one who delivered on time, in their own personal truck with chains no less, was FedEx. Love those guys! If airlines had better service all around, kinder flight/check-in staff etc. I think things would get a lot better for them. I only fly Southwest because of their great service and ease of booking.

    1. lifeisnoyoke

      I did not know that about FedEx drivers. Interesting. They’re similar to SWA in that the employees are hired for their passion to serve. Doing for others.

      But I could go on and on forever about the airlines. I traveled weekly for five years. So glad to be done with that.

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