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Lenny Gale was a CPA; The American’T Dream

This the 6-minute video made my day, woke me up and inspired me. It echoes stuff I write about. Stuff I talk about. Stuff I think about. It’s called The American’T Dream.

The American’T Dream is a poem about making an impact. Redefining success. Doing something with your life outside of the 9-5.

My favorite lines:

  • Look who’s laughing now.
  • Successful people take a course of action that coincides with their belief or passion.
  • There’s nothing wrong with making an honest living. But are you really living?

Of course, this isn’t for everyone. If you’re working your butt off at your job to pay your mortgage, your children’s’ student loans & weddings and your retirement fund, be proud. You’re appreciated more than you know (Dad).

But if escaping the 9-5 is or ever has been on your mind, check out The American’T Dream.

The Easy “A”

The class that is the easy A is well-known. Physical education electives. Foods 101. The online-only class about dinosaurs.

Those, however, never end up being an easy A. 

The truly easy A is never the class known as the easy A.  The easy A is found in the hard class. The one which requires you to test-in.  To overcome barriers.  To challenge yourself.

If you’re in the business of finding easy A’s, you might succeed.  But it’s gonna be a grind.

Take an AP class, why don’t ya?

Joe Mauer and Gardy are Right

Often effort and personal satisfaction don’t correlate with mass reception and / or success.

A blogger’s post that took hours to write and is, to her, life-changing, doesn’t get many views. Yet, the one she whipped up in five minutes goes viral.

A retail clothing store owner’s winter line will have some winners and losers.  But there’s no telling which were studiously chosen and which were last-minute add-ons.

The salesman’s long-term, premier prospect is a high-maintenance bust.  Yet, from someone wanting a quote on a Friday afternoon immediately turns into her biggest account.

Fortunately, the effort and personal satisfaction sometimes pleases the masses and / or is successful.  Even better, though?  Getting up to the plate every single day.

Giving ourselves a chance.