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Erin Jill Andrews

Dear Erin Andrews,

Thank you for being a role model for thousands of young women.  You’re hard-working, smart and successful.  Not to mention, you were extraordinarily resilient in overcoming a horrifying, very public incident.

You’re a true inspiration.

Good things,

Lenny Gale

P.S. Why do you recommend TruBiotics?  When I had an excision of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, my surgeon, Dr. Isaac Felemovicius, M.D. FACS FASCRS, Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Minnesota, gave me some advice.  He said I might want to consider a fiber supplement.  A powder one, like Metamucil.  Not pills.  According to Dr. Issac, as he’s known, pills marketed for digestive health do more harm than good and are just another thing drug companies want you to take one-a-day forever.  Yes, forever.

Aren’t TruBiotics taken in pill form, Erin?