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Rap Genius and fear of getting caught

I used to fear the police.¬†When I was underage, I had reason to. I didn’t follow the rules (drinking, curfew, etc.)

I can’t imagine, anymore, living in fear of getting caught. Knowingly doing the wrong thing, fearing getting caught, is no way to live.

The Rap Genius guys don’t have to fear getting caught anymore. They just got caught by Google. Now they’re screwed.

I can’t wait for the spammy clowns manipulating Vitamix Promotion Code search results to get caught. (Echem, Matt Cutts, did you get my linkspam report?)

If you’re living in fear of getting caught, you have two choices:

  1. Stop breaking the rules
  2. Be stopped breaking the rules

Both eliminate the fear of getting caught. Choice one gets it done a lot faster.