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Fake work pain

Fake work is exhausting.  Pretend to be busy.  Pretend to be engaged.  Pretend to be annoyed, maybe.

But for all the effort it takes to do the fake work charade, shouldn’t there be a better way to get through the crappy 9-5?

An online class.  A blog you’re writing for.  An event you’re planning.

That stuff is less effort than fake work.  And certainly less exhausting, right?

Cruising altitude

What do you do every morning on autopilot?  Drive to work?  Your morning shower routine?  A 30 minute run?

Having to figure these things out every morning would be exhausting.  New route to work every day?  Getting cleaned up in a different order every day?  Changing the duration and path for your run every day?


Same thing with making breakfast.

Figure out 1 breakfast to make.  Turn on autopilot.  And basically, go back to sleep.

Just like the real pilots.