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Did you hear the news?

Yeah, it’s crazy.

So and so famous person suddenly died?  It’s crazy.

Your company was acquired by a bigger one.  It’s crazy.

Last night’s madness on Breaking Bad?  It’s crazy.

The goings on are crazy, yes.  But why?  Because of what happened to them or it or the thing?  Or is it crazy because of the difficult question it forces us to confront?

New outlook on life?  New career path?  New standard for entertainment we invest our time in?

Time to reevaluate things.  It’d be crazy not to.

3 Life Lessons From Last Night

Good acts are tough to follow.  Last night’s Breaking Bad made Dexter look 10x worse than it actually has been this season.  Even if your act is good, everything is relative.

Allow things to progress naturally.  Dexter went on four seasons too long.  It progressed ever-so naturally up until season four.  Breaking Bad has been naturally progressing throughout its entire run.

Under promise, over deliver.  How many ads did you see hyping this premier or Breaking Bad?  Could last night’s episode have been as good if you were expecting a “shocking” premier?

Bonus lesson.  Don’t mention last night’s Breaking Bad to anyone who hasn’t seen season 1. Why?  See above.