The best way to dress for work

You probably have a few things that fit okay. That are relatively new.

But here are the clothes you should buy before you show up on day 1.

  • A dark blue suit. Not black, not pinstripe. Solid, dark blue. Fitted, tailored.
  • A dark gray┬ásuit. Not light gray, not seersucker. Solid, dark gray. Fitted, tailored.
  • Two white, collared shirts. Fitted.
  • Two light blue, collared shirts. Fitted.
  • One pair brown shoes.
  • One non-reversible brown belt.

On Monday and Wednesday, wear white. Tuesday and Thursday wear blue.

You can’t be Jobs or Zuck or Einstein and wear the same exact same thing every day.

But there are so many benefits of this practice, though.

And this is the closest you can get.

[Note: I wish I had known this when I was working in an office. Today, I have a version of this practice. I wear a one of a dozen v-neck t-shirts with the same pair of jeans every day.]