Sunday is my birthday

If you’re looking to get me a gift, there’s the stuff I’ve “registered” for:

  • A note saying you went to the orphanage* and adopted a dog.
  • An email saying you finally were able to which Vitamix is right for you and took the plunge (saving up to $90 because of the big Mother’s Day Sale).
  • A text with a picture of your breakfast.
  • A pingback saying you wrote about Life is NOYOKE.
  • A voicemail of freestyle rap.
  • A comment telling me the last book you were gifted.
  • A donation to ALS-TDI.
  • A promise to never gift me things ever again because you understand how things stress me about and bring me zero joy (well explained by fellow disliker of stuff, Sivers.

That’s all I got this year. I have everything I need and could ever want.

So go do something for yourself that would make me proud.


Lenny Gale on his 31st birthday.

2 thoughts on “Sunday is my birthday

  1. Nana & Papa

    Dear Lenny,

    That was a beautiful message. Happy Birthday! We are thrilled that you have all you need & want.

    We have already sent you a gift because it is our pleasure to give you something to do for yourself that’s way far out. That gives us pleasure. If it really stresses you, let us know.

    We love you so very much,
    Happy Birthday
    Nana & Papa

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