Monthly Archives: March 2016

The fun part

Is usually not the fruits of your labor. It’s the labor.

And if it’s not, you’re after the wrong fruit.

What a joke!

If your reaction is, “What a joke!”, you have two choices.

  1. Get upset at the absurd, complete, and utter failure to meet your expectations.
  2. Laugh.

Your call.

Lenny Gale thinking, is that a joke?


Someone look super human to you?

They’re everywhere, doing all the things, making all the moves.

Well, surprise surprise. They’re just human.

You can do it, too.

They just helped you

Listen to people’s words about what you do.

If it doesn’t sound good to you, change what you do.

Small tweaks. Big changes.

OR, if you’re doing the right thing, be more clear about what you do.

If they’re confused or not excited or mistaken, embrace it. They just helped you.


Find a creative outlet.

Maybe it’s Instagram. Maybe it’s painting. Maybe it’s cooking. Or woodwork. Or photography. Or landscaping. Or gardening. Or writing. Or whatever.

Few good jobs leave room for much creation.

So do your job. But also do some creatin’.

And smile

At checkout. In your Lyft. At dinner.

Outside of your home, there’s a good chance someone’s watching.

A good reminder to be kind. And smile.

Lenny Gale and Shalva Geffen on camera at home depot.