Monthly Archives: December 2015

Your best work

How did you come up with that? When did you decide to do that? How long did it take you to get it right?

It’s hard to say. It just kind of happened.

You can’t seek it, really.

Put in the time, and when you’re least expecting it, not expecting it at all, it happens.

How to go on vacation

Do these three things:

  1. Ask: What would my world (work, home, other affairs) look like if there were in a stable and pretty darn good state?
  2. Work backwards from there to make a plan prior to departure.
  3. Stick to the plan (adding no other things).

Now, go.


When’s the last time you spent a whole day without watching TV?

No news. No Netflix. No DVR.

Yeah, you can essentially watch TV on your phone.

But still, a day where the TV never gets turned on is definitely worth the effort, especially when it requires some.

Website, email, flyer building 101

Figure out:

  1. Who’s looking.
  2. Why they’re there.
  3. What you want them to do (one thing).

Anything that’s not 100% aligned with these three things should not make the cut.

Oh, and their job, as the viewer, should be clear immediately (and from 10 feet away).

This approach is much easier than trying to declutter and organize after dumping all the things that “should” be there.

Facebook Announcement?

So Zuck is donating 99% of his Facebook shares to charity.

They’re currently worth $45 billion, so $450 million is his daughter’s to keep.

Question one: wouldn’t you do the same?

Question two: how do you share that honorable, inspiring news without dropping the most annoying humble brag of all time?

An analogy

Yoga and meditation are like peanut butter and jelly.

Good on their own.

Glorious when they’re together.

Unpleasant right after a big meal.