Two minutes, three sentences, one bill

I read it in a book a while back.

Made sense, but didn’t click.

I saw it in a blog post the other day. Reminded me of reading it in a book, but nothing more.

I opened up a bathroom book, and there it was again.

This time, it stuck.

If it takes two minutes to do, do it immediately. Otherwise, schedule a time to do it.

How long is two minutes?

Three or fewer sentences in an email. Paying a bill. Little else.

Anything else should be scheduled. That’s a two-minute task.

If it doesn’t deserve scheduling, delegate. That’s a two-minute task, too.

If it doesn’t deserve delegating, don’t do it.

Two minutes, three sentences, one bill.

Good day.

[Here’s the book and one that’s similar, here’s the blog post, and here’s the bathroom book.]

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