Day of Atonement?

The plan was to not publish a post today. Or, perhaps I would publish but claim I wrote and scheduled it way in advance.

The plan was to act as if I am not working today.


It’s Yom Kippur.

Don’t work, because that’s what Sandy Koufax did (or didn’t do) in the 1965 World Series.

Don’t work because today’s the holiest day of the year for Jews.

Don’t work because God is watching.

But that’s not the truth.

I am working today.

Maybe it’s because I don’t work the man anymore. There’s no opportunity to take a “free” day off (or not work to avoid hearing Gentiles ask why I’m working today).

Maybe it’s because my days are reflective enough every day. This blog is practically a daily atonement.

Maybe it’s because I thrive on being different.

Maybe it’s because I DO want to reap the fruits of my labor today.

Maybe it’s because I was sufficiently moved by the Temple Israel Kol Nidre service we live streamed and projected on our rooftop last night. (Don’t be rigid with your religion, I learned).

Maybe this post is my form of prayer.

Who knows.

Yom Kippur is about trying to be a better person. Being grateful. Truthful.

I do that shit every day and so should you.

Happy Yom Kippur.