Your address (a shortcut)

Few people need it these days.

But if someone asks for it via text or email, chances are you’re getting:

  • A gift.
  • A check.
  • A friend with beer or a potluck contribution.
  • A guy from Craigslist who wants to give you cash and haul away your old things.

So you want to get them your perfectly typed and punctuated address ASAP.

But typing it out is such a pain.

Unless you have a shortcut!

All smartphones allow you to create keyboard shortcuts.

On iPhones, it’s under General Settings. Here are the steps:

  1. Set the phrase to be your address.
  2. Set the shortcut to some non-word that’s easy to remember and super easy to type. I use “addr”. “Azzz” would also work nicely.

That’s it. You just saved yourself several minutes of typing, clarifying, and being generally aggravated.

address shortcut

[Note: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to teach your phone to swear, a la my developer.]