10 things I’ve learned from watching Last Week Tonight

HBO’s Last Week Tonight with┬áJohn Oliver is my new Daily Show. I watch it religiously, and it’s my main source of the news.

Pathetic? To some, probably.

But here are some non-topical things I’ve learned from watching the show.

  1. The daily format is dead. (Sorry, uncleleosblog.)
  2. The weekly format is better for a million reasons. Applies to TV, blogs, podcasts, etc.
  3. Make a promise and keep it. (Theirs is 30 minutes every Sunday.)
  4. If you’re going on vacation, say it.
  5. Breaks make people miss you and improves the quality of your work. (Double benefit!)
  6. Make stuff worth sharing.
  7. Build a team with one goal.
  8. Embrace where you came from.
  9. Demand change.
  10. Love your work.

Aside from key lessons in business and life, there is so much to learn from Last Week Tonight (food waste, the IRS, prisons, to name a few).

Are you watching?