Today is my birthday. I’m officially 30.

To save you time (and entertain you or bring you joy or make you feel inspired), I’ve “registered” for the following things.

These are all things YOU can do today that will make me happy on my birthday.

They’re all free.

  • Go outside (it’s glorious today in Chicago).
  • Get some exercise (see above).
  • Make a smoothie.
  • Try a Vitamix for 30 days.
  • Check out some of the Nutribullet vs Vitamix YouTube video I just published.
  • Adopt a dog.
  • Talk to your neighbor.
  • Do something silly.
  • Throw away some¬†clutter.
  • Make something healthy to eat (if you don’t normally do that).
  • Eat some junk food (because that’s how you eat at special events).
  • Hug a loved one.
  • Hug a coworker.
  • Subscribe to Life is NOYOKE.
  • Call me and sing Happy Birthday on my voicemail.
  • Write down three things for which you’re grateful.
  • Make some music.
  • Write something.
  • Be happy.

I’ve made it easy to do at least one. But if you want to give the best gift, pick one that’s not so easy. It’s the difficult ones that¬†make the best gifts.