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Actual Priorities for Paradise

If you think you’re busy, think about this:

What if someone asked your busy-self to join them on a last-minute trip to paradise; wherever paradise is for you.

The trip is free, but you have one hour to get your affairs in order.

You’d figure out how to get un-busy, right?

You’d get all that stuff done in an hour and head to paradise, right?


Isn’t that a great way to figure out what’s actually a priority?

Tax Matters

Dear Tax Season,

Thanks for reminding me how annoying life can be.

But, more importantly, thanks for reminding me what parts of life actually matter.

Lenny the inactive CPA

The Solution to Your Boring Life

Looking for more excitement in your life?

  • More fun mornings?
  • Happier evenings?
  • New friends?
  • Greater sense of purpose?
  • Better sense of humor?

Adopt a dog.

For real. Go adopt a dog today.

That is, unless you’re good on all of those mentioned above.


If you’re a creative, you need influences. The people that shape you.

And that’s the key.

They shape YOU.

You don’t shape yourself to become them.

There will never be another them. And even if you get close, nobody will be interested.

Nobody wants anything but you.


What can we learn here?

Sometimes the answer is hard to say.

Anger, fear, mistrust are wounds that cut deep. Hard to think straight when they’re healing.

But once they do, there’s always a lesson.

Find it when you’re ready.


Nobody ever said, “Man, I wish we hadn’t taken that time off work and went on vacation.”


But how many times have you heard (or said), “Man, I wish we had a vacation planned right about now.”


Moral of the story?

Plan a vacation today.

Do Your Job: The Patriot Way of Leadership

What do you do with a team member who is not doing their job?

Do what Bill Belichick, legendary coach of the New England Patriots, would do.

Stop, show, get assurance, do not repeat.

For example, during practice, a wide receiver runs the wrong route. Belichick would:

  1. Stop everything.
  2. Show the player what he did wrong.
  3. Show the player the correct way.
  4. Get assurance that the player understands the correct method.
  5. Get assurance that the player understands why the team needs him to do his job. (This is the answer to “Where are we rowing?”)
  6. Make it clear that next time it happens, we’ll have to stop everything (again). But this time, the player will down in exchange for a player who can do the job right.


It’s simple. If you want to go where we’re going, you gotta do your job.

Otherwise, someone who cares about getting to where we are going will.

Good Day Sunshine

Having a crappy day? Here’s a solution for you.

Go make someone else’s day.

Not gonna list ways for you to make someone’s day. Here’s a google search if you want it.

But I can promise this about making someone’s day:

  • It’s easy.
  • It’s free.
  • It will make your day.

Boom. You’re a hero.

And your day just got a little less crappy.


What are we doing tonight that’s fun?

It could be:

  • A movie.
  • A walk.
  • A dinner.
  • A game.
  • A project.
  • An outing.
  • A date.
  • A get-together.
  • A book night.
  • A ball game.
  • A bath.
  • A whatever!

You don’t need answers for every night this week. Although, it helps.

You just need an answer for tonight.


When you wake up tomorrow morning, today’s tonight will be gone forever.

Don’t waste it working. Or worse yet, don’t do nothing.

Do something fun.




It used to happen all the time.

Maybe it was because you were younger and had less responsibilities. Or fewer opportunities. Or less wisdom.

Maybe it’s today’s technology. How can you be bored with a smartphone in-hand?

Whatever the reason, boredom happens less than it did yesterday.

But boredom can be a good thing. A cleanse.

Perhaps it’s worth seeking it out today.