A Case for Religion in Your Business

Religion is the perfect business.


  • Solves all of your problems.
  • Gets better when your friends do it.
  • Has no perfect substitutes.
  • Is incredibly sticky (because of above).
  • Generates mountains of money.
  • Can get not-for-profit status.
  • Connects people.
  • Motivates people.
  • Drives unpaid endorsements from common folk and celebs.
  • You get a lifetime membership
  • Costs money to learn and be certified.
  • Is for insiders only.
  • But is appealing and open to outsiders (who pay the tax).

This all, of course, assumes the religion is non-violent.

Even if you can’t do all of these, strive for some. Because the closer your lifestyle or practice or agency or school or store can be to a religion without calling itself one, the closer it will become to the perfect business.

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