Time to move on

Some of the best, most exclusive, most sought-after jobs inevitably end in an abrupt change.

  • Pro sports head coaches / managers are almost always fired.
  • On-air personalities eventually get replaced.
  • Politicians don’t get reelected.
  • Parents become empty nesters.

The abrupt change is not usually because of failure.

Rather, it simply became time to move on.

Sure, some people keep those jobs forever. But, then don’t we yearn for the abrupt change everyone else gets?

(The coach that should be fired. The on-air personality that is tired. The politician that is coasting. The parents with grown children who still live at home.)

The key is to not fear the abrupt change. Seek out the best, most exclusive, most sought-after jobs.

And when the abrupt change happens, take joy in the opportunity you had and the future that lies ahead.