Sucky stuff

So you have a long walk to work.

Or you get lonely working from home. Or you have to clean up all your employees’ messes. Or you have to go back to school for another year of teaching. Or your inbox is overflowing with replies to your newsletter. Or you have to mow the lawn. Or you have to get on another flight to visit yet another client.

That shit sucks.

But here’s the deal:

Not too long ago, you yearned to be where you are today.

You wanted a drive-free commute. You wanted to work remotely. You wanted to start your own business. You wanted to become a teacher. You wanted to connect with you readers. You wanted your own home. You wanted that job.

Be grateful for where you are. Appreciate that you wanted to be there.

And be proud of earning the right to endure “that sucky shit.”