7 reasons I just sold my 3rd generation iPad

The 3rd generation ipad I just sold.

I just sold my 3rd Generation iPad.


Several reasons.

Here are 7 reason to consider selling your 3rd generation ipad:

  1. Do you use it to read? I didn’t use it for reading. Anytime I’d open the Kindle app, I’d find myself distracted by another.
  2. Do you enjoy using it in the sun? Even when I was able to focus on reading, the glare from the sun usually made it impossible to read.
  3. Do you like owning a rapidly depreciating asset? I recouped a lot of investment. I was able to sell my 3rd generation iPad for over 50% of what I paid for it two years ago. They hold their value, but only for a certain point.
  4. Do get annoyed by slow technology? When I wanted to “play” on it, I grew impatient with the 3rd generation iPad’s ability to handle iOS 7. So slow.
  5. Do you use a PC for work?  My iPad used to serve as my way of getting some Apple [superior computing experience] into my otherwise PC-dominated existence. Now that I have a MacBook Pro, I don’t have a need to relieve PC-pain anymore.
  6. Do spend lots of time waiting alone? I don’t have brief moments of captive downtime anymore. Rides on the rental car shuttle bus or waiting in an airport terminal alone were much better with a movie on my iPad.
  7. Do you feel the need to look important in meetings? Having an iPad used to made me look important in meetings. Or, so I thought! I don’t care about that anymore.

If you answered “no” to any of those questions consider selling your iPad.

If, however, you’re a traveling consultant, presumably using a PC for your work, I highly getting an iPad. It saved me from going insane while traveling.

But if you already have an iPhone and MacBook, why do you still have an iPad?

Take your money and get a Kindle Paper White.

That’s what I just did.

And I’m still up $200.