The summit of mount February

The month of February in a cold-weather month is like hiking a mountain.

  • Feb 1: The beginning.
  • Feb 2: “I can’t believe we’re doing this again.”
  • Feb 4: Occasional moment to enjoy.
  • Feb 12: Short break, almost to the top.
  • Feb 14: The peak of the mountain. Proud you made it safely. Will take a minute to enjoy. Excited, but the moment fades quickly.
  • Feb 15: Beginning of the decent. It’s all downhill from here.
  • Feb 17: Short break to take it all in.
  • Feb 22: “Can you believe we did it, again?”
  • Feb 26: “I’m really getting ready to be done.”
  • Feb 28: “We made it back to the bottom. Cannot believe we did it. Was it worth it? We should never do that again.”

And just like mountain climbers, we’ll do it again. Just to say we did it.

Happy Top of the Mountain Day.