Who will be first?

The first school to desegregate.

The first state to allow gay marriage.

The first state to legalize marijuana.

And now the first convenience store to ban the sale of tobacco products: CVS.

It took a long time. And a lot of courage. And for CVS, quite frankly, financial incentive. But slowly, others will follow suit. Just like they did with segregation, gay marriage and marijuana.

Way to be first, CVS!

Next up: Processed food products.

Who will be first?


1 thought on “Who will be first?

  1. Ivan


    Though I agree that CVS is making a statement that may fit with their present and marketing model, I am always for freedom of choice as far as tobacco products . I must admit I am biased having worked in the industry for almost 15 years. I have seen the attacks by Federal, State and County to place a heavy tax burden on tobacco. The segment of the population usually hurt the most by this is low income people. That being said, being s stockholder of a public company (Altria and Philip Morris) I also have the choice of where I shop. I am a customer of CVS but I am reconsidering “my choice” based on their decision. Tobacco products are always unfairly targeted. To be fair, there are many food and liquids being sold which should also be considered banned by CVS and other retail stores. I ask you a question, if marijuana is going to be legalized nationally, will CVS carry it as a medical marijuana? CVS will probably gain in the long run by I see myself switching to Walgreens or Costco pharmacy.

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