The 2014 Blog Plan and Who Are You?

First of all, my web designer and blogger friend, Heather Sanders, inspired this post. Props her inspiring 2014 blog plan post and, more notably, the beautifully designed new

The 2014 Uncle Leo’s Blog plan

In bullets, of course:

  • Daily posts. Had been doing this for a while, but it continues. Monday through Friday, 8am CST. A little something to illicit anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness or surprise.
  • Just words, still. I’ve dabbled in adding images to posts. It’s also tempting to showcase some of my own. Yet, I continue to believe images dilute my words. So, these posts will still be all words. But I will also try…
  • Sunday photo posts. Cause I have several that are share-worthy on space larger than provided by Instagram.
  • Lighten up on loved ones. I rip on buddies for still doing traveling consulting. I criticize the marketing strategy of my mother’s franchise. I deliver commentary on being uncluttered despite my gf having a penchant for stuff. So I will light up on them. Actually, I take that back. I’m going to rip on loved ones harder and more publicly than ever before. Much more interesting.
  • Time off. I think there’s something cool about a daily blog. But I also believe in the power of rest. Blogging, like eating right or creating the world, requires taking breaks. No breaks is for marathon runners — emaciated and tired. Breaks are for sprinters — strong and energized. My first break from this blog starts tomorrow and goes through the New Year. During that time, I’ll focus on playing tennis, getting tan and responding to your comments.
  • Get to know my readers. That’s always been the best part of writing, for me. On this blog, I know many of you from growing up. Some readers are from the blogosphere. Either way, I’d like to engage you all more in discussion. It’s more fun (and beneficial) than just speaking in front of the lecture hall.

So with that, who are you?

I can see stats of how many people visit. And can make a decent guess who reads my stuff. But how about we make it official?

  1. What’s your story?
  2. What’s our story?
  3. What do you want to see more of?

Perhaps you discover another blogger you’re interested in. Or maybe they find you. Even better, you’re not a blogger but can feel like one for five minutes.

CTA: Leave me a short (or long!) note in the comments below.

Happy Holidays and good things,


3 thoughts on “The 2014 Blog Plan and Who Are You?

  1. Robin

    Love your blog, and your plan. I love your blogs because they make me smile, or think, or feel in quick order. Which everyone can use a good dose of everyday. Also, feel free to use me as ammo. I can take it.

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