Guaranteed to upset my mother and one sister

Bad advertising:

  • Aggravates
  • Interrupts
  • Disappoints
  • Annoys
  • Yells
  • Distracts
  • Can be thrown away

Good advertising:

  • Is a gift
  • Is missed
  • Can be so good you forget it was an ad. Like this one for Lyft.

Yes, you can make a nice living selling advertisements or ad space. And you can take comfort in the proactivity of buying advertisements for your business.

But unless it’s good advertising, you’ll never really make an impact.

2 thoughts on “Guaranteed to upset my mother and one sister

  1. Lana

    It’s ironic how to get to watch the “good advertising” Lyft video, you are forced to sit through a :15s commercial.

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