What’s the cost of do not disturb?

For my music at work, it’s $3 per month.  That I paid to Pandora.

For my readers at lifeisnoyoke.com, it’s a typo here and there.  That’s a cost not paid to an editor.

For the writer, it’s a longer walk to a quieter Starbucks.  That’s paid in his time.

The costs to avoid interruption are small.  But, to avoid commercial breaks, pop-up ads and loud talkers, the costs are completely worth it.

So, if the costs are so small, how come more people don’t pay?

2 thoughts on “What’s the cost of do not disturb?

  1. grandpa matt

    The consumer doesn’t have the knowledge to understand if they got one less coffee a month, they could shell out a few dollars to these small fees.

    1. lifeisnoyoke

      I wasn’t smart enough to pay for Pandora One until a couple days ago. And I think I’m smart. So what is it? Thinking what was free should always be no matter the cost of free?

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