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The promises of this site.

What are yours for your work?

Anointed with gladness

Money leads to happiness.

But to a point.

Happiness leads to money.

All that you could ever need.

So get just enough — enough so you’re not sad.

Then get another goal. One which will make you a legend.

First, last, best

Interviews. Lectures. Sales pitches. Projects. Games. Customers. Products. Lessons. Calls. Updates. Visits. Days off. Blog posts. Songs. Batches. Parties. Drinks. All the things you do, create, consume.

Take heed of Jay-Z (amongst a gazillion others).

Treat your first like your last and your last like your first.

How else can you be sure you did your best?


You can spend your time dissecting people’s actions.

Why are they doing that? What are they up to? What are they gonna do next?

Should I be doing that, too?

But, c’mon.

Do the thing you set out to do.

Dissecting people’s actions, I’d imagine, is not it.

Better, worse than you

Your work is better than you think. Think about the people who:

  • Couldn’t get your job.
  • Do what you do at a different place.
  • Do what you do part-time (or as a hobby).

It’s easy to find the people who are doing better than you.

But remember, there are a whole lot more people that aren’t. They’re just tougher to find.

And it’s the latter group that will take you higher. Not, contrary to popular belief, the former.

The Consequences Failure

Understand them. Be aware of them.

But then let them go.

Because if it’s all you focus on, it’s all you’re gonna get.

Just do what you do.

Sure, you might end up dealing with the consequences sometimes.

But usually, you’ll get just the opposite: The glory of success.

You in a meeting right now?

Is it a complete waste of your time?

What if you left?

You know. Just gathered your things and walked out the door.

Would you be in trouble?

Or would the opposite happen?

People whose time is valuable sometimes just need to leave. The important ones.

Is that you?


Want to:

  • Be more successful?
  • Work less?
  • Be happier?

Make fewer decisions.

Maybe you can decide once and have it be the plan?

Maybe you can let someone decide?

Maybe you don’t need to decide at all? Just let it happen.

Decide today to decide less.

What do you have to lose?

Really. Is it:

  • Respect?
  • Admiration?
  • Loyalty?
  • Friendship?
  • Opportunities?
  • Trust?

Sure, that could happen.

But why think about it?

Have fun.

It’s gotta be the best way to play without fear, right?

Go ahead and try

Try to be funny.

Try to inspire.

Try to lead.

Try to make money.

If you try, you might get what you want.

But if you act upon your most strongly-held beliefs, it’s almost guaranteed.

And then, you’ll hardly have to try.