Monthly Archives: October 2016

Work backwards

Work backwards on your projects.

What will make this perfect? And, what will make it good enough?

Then, do the things that get you good enough (even if your project is your eulogy.)

Perfect is your enemy. Same with losing focus of your why.


Think of chores like little projects.

More exciting before. Less anticlimactic after.

You’ll probably do a better job during, too.


The email. The call. The package. The results.

It will show up eventually.

Checking for them like a crazy person isn’t helping.


How the sausage was made.

Nobody wants to know.

They think they do. You think they do.

But no!

Nobody wants to know.


Off the record

Six magic words.

This is all off the record.

Now your words are safe. And he or she becomes an insider.

Is it possible to overuse this?

Useful and enjoyable

You want to pass the time, so you seek something enjoyable. Fine.

Just try to make it something useful.

Useful and enjoyable.

Because you should be working on your legacy. Don’t worry so much about anyone else’s.


Be honest.

Be tough.

Be realistic.

Be it all from the outset.

Because later on, it’ll be too late for all that.

Can and should

Today is Rosh Hashanah.

So I’m taking the day off.

I’m not taking the day off because I feel like I have to.

I am because I feel like I should. And because I can.

So I wrote this last week and scheduled it to be published today.

Because I’m off today.

Because I can and because I should.