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The solutions that never go on sale

Free isn’t really free.  And free is often a bad pick between the paid alternative.  We know this.

But what about when it comes to fixing problems?

Have frequent heartburn?

  • P&G’s solution: Buy Prilosec OTC and take it every 24 hours for your entire life.
  • UL’s solution: Eat more alkaline foods.

Having frequent anxiety?

  • Privately practicing therapist solution: Schedule time with her every week.
  • UL’s solution: Exercise rigorously for 30 minutes, 4x per week.

Need to lose weight?

  • Sensa’s solution: Buy their white powder and sprinkle it on your food
  • UL’s solution: Employ both prior recommendations

So free isn’t always the poor choice.  Maybe it’s only when it’s the easy one.