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One question

  • Smokers that casually litter their butts.
  • The editor in chief of Time magazine who in this week’s (2016) issue sold a full page ad for American Spirit cigs.
  • “Hosts” of amateur firework shows.
  • The head of the NRA.
  • The head of TSA

These are all individuals I’d like to ask one question.

Are you fucking serious?

3 health and wellness eye-openers

This is a completely unoriginal, read-these-articles post. But all three will have a profound impact on how I live the rest of my life. Hopefully, yours, too.

  1. A new way to think about flavor (as opposed to taste). And, how we can more effectively convince ourselves that the food we should be eating, the healthy stuff, is delicious.
  2. While I’m done with cheese, this article on what’s actually in our parmesan makes me feel like I just ate some.
  3. It’s well documented that running isn’t good for getting a sexy bod. But, studies show it’s really good for your brain. (Also answers why the Cross Fit kids, while fit, are, well, fit.)

Related, here’s why I’m 100% done with dairy.

The hardest part of getting a cold

It’s easy to get rid of a cold. You know the formula.

  1. Sleep.
  2. Don’t go to work.
  3. Flood yourself with water (using a straw makes this easier).
  4. Constantly sip herbal tea with honey.
  5. Have a green smoothie for breakfast.
  6. Have hot soup with tons of hot sauce for lunch.
  7. Have orange slices at night.
  8. Do a neti pot before brushing your teeth (twice daily, duh).

The tricky part is actually doing it.

Just remember: you have sick days for a reason.

Use ’em, and use ’em right.

An analogy

Yoga and meditation are like peanut butter and jelly.

Good on their own.

Glorious when they’re together.

Unpleasant right after a big meal.

Fresh air breaks

Smokers do it, and nobody blinks an eye.

In fact, people are uncomfortable suggesting they don’t.

They need it.

They’re better when they come back.

We used to call ’em fresh air breaks, ironically.

Seven minutes outside to have a smoke.

Today, alas, it’s strange to tell your team you’re stepping outside for a true fresh air break. Seven minutes to just breathe.

So if you have to, tell ’em you’re going for a smoke.

But definitely, definitely take your fresh air breaks.

Your brain

Your brain is a muscle.

Stretch it. Push it.

Then, give it a break.

Feed it protein.

Show it off.

Admire it.

Love it.

Game changer

For some people, it takes a dog or a baby or a grandkid to wake up.

I have to start taking care of myself!

But, really, what changed?

You get one life. One chance to do something special.

One chance to make it last.

Why do you need something to love more than yourself before you can start loving yourself?

Alas, it’s probably a reality.

Go adopt a dog.

Fifty five, five

Some days are computer-heavy. It’s a reality for almost everyone, these days.

It can come in many forms:

  • Preparing.
  • Editing.
  • Writing.
  • Formatting.
  • Proposing.
  • Testing.
  • Auditing.
  • Analyzing.
  • Etc.

Those days, you could spend the entire day glued to the computer. No breaks.

But you shouldn’t.

Set a 55-minute timer and then get up for five.

Walk around. Stretch. Get water. Run to the bathroom. Dance. Whatever.

You’ll feel better.

And, with hardly any effort, you just got 40 minutes of exercise during a highly productive 8-hour work day.


Things are things

They may be beautiful. And they may be something you’re fond of.

But they’re just things.

If they break, you can get a new one. Or have it fixed.

If only the same were true for our bodies.

So the question is, why are you so damn careful and emotional about your hardwood floors or your new car or your iPhone and NOT your mind or body or soul?