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Three questions

Three questions:

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What would make today a success?
  3. What would make today fun?

Answer these three questions first thing in the morning and all your problems will be solved.

Yes, and…

It’s the foundation of long-form improv.

Yes, and…

Agree and add to it, basically.

Makes fun conversations more fun. And makes annoying ones less annoying (by essentially mocking and one-upping the annoyingness).

Try it.

Your friends, family, and coworkers might appreciate it.

And, I guarantee you will.

Decisions and tactics

Decisions are so much easier when you are clear on the goal.

  • What’s the plan today?
  • Should we hire, fire, or promote?
  • What should we do with this thing we could giveaway (or not)?

Define the goal, first.

The decisions, then, become easy.

Like family

Life on-the-road can be tough.

After all, you’re away from your family.

But if it’s the life you’ve chosen, that’s okay. Millions of others live on-the-road, too.

Might as well treat them like family, too, right?


It’s intentional.

If Starbucks wanted you to linger, wouldn’t they make the WIFI faster and chairs more comfortable?

If casinos did not want you to linger, wouldn’t they make finding the exit easier?

These two are the best at controlling lingerers.

And, they both make tons of money.

If you figure out whether or not you want your customers to linger, you can, too.

Ask any doctor

When you choose a profession, you have two choices.

You can:

  1. Do what makes good money.
  2. Do what you love.

The problem with the former is that the good money can go away at any time. The latter, however, can never be taken away from you.

Ask any doctor.

Byrds and the Book of Ecclesiastes

As adapted from the song, “Turn! Turn! Turn!“, there’s a time for everything:

A time to run.

A time to clean.

A time to write.

A time to read.

A time to speak.

A time to hear.

A time to buy.

A time to sell.

A time to fix.

A time to clean.

A time to think.

A time to eat.

A time to hope.

A time to pray.

A time to love.

Get more done by doing stuff during its time.

Because without a schedule, or at least an outline for your day, there’s no time for anything.

HT to: The Byrds and the Book of Book of Ecclesiastes.

Newsletters, reply-alls, unsubscribe

It’s their loss if they unsubscribe.

They’re missing out on:

  • Learning from you.
  • Laughing with you.
  • Staying updated about you.

If they aren’t missing out on all of these things, then they are not missing out.

It’s you missing the point of sending the email.