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Ad blockers

Create a world that you would love.

If you don’t, someone will do it for you. And if they do, that may come at a huge cost.

[If you don’t have the AdBlock extension enabled on your chrome browser and 1Blocker downloaded to your iPhone, do it now. Your world, as you want it.]

Bugging me

There are gonna be things that bug you. But instead of taking the time to fix it or change it or add it to the list, ask yourself: Does it matter? Or should you just get over it?

Make the bed?

When you’re staying in a hotel, remember this:

You don’t have to not make your bed.

Of course, housekeeping will make it while you’re away.

But it’s your early-morning, quick win if you want it.

Before you jump in

Before you dive in and undertake a painful process to fix, change, or make something, ask yourself one question: When’s the last time I stepped outside for some fresh air?

Maybe, just maybe there’s a better way.

Or maybe it’s not necessary at all.

Two-minute tasks

If it’s gonna take less than two minutes, just do it.

  • Birthday wishes.
  • Condolences.
  • Bill pays.

Those things require no decision-making. No brainpower.

And they aren’t worth hanging onto for later.

When the two-minute tasks present themselves, just do ’em.

Two minutes, three sentences, one bill

I read it in a book a while back.

Made sense, but didn’t click.

I saw it in a blog post the other day. Reminded me of reading it in a book, but nothing more.

I opened up a bathroom book, and there it was again.

This time, it stuck.

If it takes two minutes to do, do it immediately. Otherwise, schedule a time to do it.

How long is two minutes?

Three or fewer sentences in an email. Paying a bill. Little else.

Anything else should be scheduled. That’s a two-minute task.

If it doesn’t deserve scheduling, delegate. That’s a two-minute task, too.

If it doesn’t deserve delegating, don’t do it.

Two minutes, three sentences, one bill.

Good day.

[Here’s the book and one that’s similar, here’s the blog post, and here’s the bathroom book.]


There’s gonna be a monkey.

A monkey that bugs you all day.

He doesn’t want to work.

He wants to play.

Play with the monkey during the day, and you’ll be mad at him at night.

Play with him when the important stuff is done and you’ll happily do what he wants.

Monkey will get his attention.

And despite what it seems, he prefers it when you aren’t mad at him.

[HT Wait Buy Why]