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Luxury cars for everyone

Need gas? Fill your tank. Low grade fuel ensures worst performance and shortest running life. Premium grade fuel is the opposite. High performance and longest running life.

I’ve never owned a luxury car, so have never fueled with premium. So what? I still get from point A to point B. And if my car craps out, I’ll buy a new one.

Your body’s relationship with food is similar.

Good news is that everyone was born with luxury body. Bad news is that nobody can purchase a new one once it craps out.

So, what grade of fuel do you use?

Who will be first?

The first school to desegregate.

The first state to allow gay marriage.

The first state to legalize marijuana.

And now the first convenience store to ban the sale of tobacco products: CVS.

It took a long time. And a lot of courage. And for CVS, quite frankly, financial incentive. But slowly, others will follow suit. Just like they did with segregation, gay marriage and marijuana.

Way to be first, CVS!

Next up: Processed food products.

Who will be first?


Need, don’t

Need silence to write? Don’t write around people.

Need to stop drinking Diet Coke? Don’t be around soda.

Need to read more? Don’t have a TV in your bedroom.

Getting what you need is easy. Don’t you know?

Diet Coke Addiction

If you ever thought you had a Diet Coke addiction, you’re not alone. The other good news is that it’s not your fault. You probably don’t have a choice. Thank your brain.

Your brain is the one that’s addicted. Not so much you.  It’s your brain that doesn’t take no for an answer.

Part of it is the caffeine, sure. It’s the #1 addictive drug in the world. Your brain hurts without it.

The other reason for being addicted to Diet Coke? It’s there. Everywhere. Down the hall. Across the street. In the fridge.

A tired brain is a stubborn brain. And a stubborn brain wants instant satisfaction. When your brain knows an ice-cold Diet Coke is within reach, there’s no stopping it.

Want to end your addiction to Diet Coke? Just hide it. Better yet. Toss it out completely.

You won’t miss it.

Building your dream house

Building your day is like building a house. Make a plan and build it around the foundation.

There are two options for the type of foundation which you’ll build your day around:

  1. Exercise is the foundation. Physical activity. Examples include a morning walk, lunchtime trip to the gym, or an early evening fitness class.
  2. Work obligations are the foundation. Examples include morning status meetings, lunchtime trips to the pizza buffet, or early evening happy hour.

The foundation comes first. And it determines whether or not your house collapses.

What’s in your foundation?

The One Thing

If you woke up this morning without an agenda, it’s okay.

You might not be as productive.  You might not feel satisfied later. You might even be a little stressed trying to plan your day on-the-fly.

But feel good about this one thing.  This one thing you can put on your calendar.

This one thing will make you more productive today.  This one thing will make you more satisfied tomorrow.  And this one thing will cut stress from planning your day on-the-fly.

Schedule a time for the end of today to make your agenda for tomorrow.

That’s the one thing.