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Ad blockers

Create a world that you would love.

If you don’t, someone will do it for you. And if they do, that may come at a huge cost.

[If you don’t have the AdBlock extension enabled on your chrome browser and 1Blocker downloaded to your iPhone, do it now. Your world, as you want it.]

7 words

How would someone else describe you (or your business)?

Don’t know?

Figure it out.

And here’s a hint. It’s usually less than 7 words.

What’s the goal?

I ask others this question all the time.

  • Okay, but what’s the goal?
  • Right, so what’s the objective?
  • Yeah, and let’s be sure we’re clear on the “why” first.

Simple question. Simple answer.

Just be sure you can articulate it, if you’re doing both the asking and the answering.

[Thanks, Sherps]

Two minutes, three sentences, one bill

I read it in a book a while back.

Made sense, but didn’t click.

I saw it in a blog post the other day. Reminded me of reading it in a book, but nothing more.

I opened up a bathroom book, and there it was again.

This time, it stuck.

If it takes two minutes to do, do it immediately. Otherwise, schedule a time to do it.

How long is two minutes?

Three or fewer sentences in an email. Paying a bill. Little else.

Anything else should be scheduled. That’s a two-minute task.

If it doesn’t deserve scheduling, delegate. That’s a two-minute task, too.

If it doesn’t deserve delegating, don’t do it.

Two minutes, three sentences, one bill.

Good day.

[Here’s the book and one that’s similar, here’s the blog post, and here’s the bathroom book.]

10 days away (expectation vs reality)

So I took 10 days away.

Now, I was only on “real” vacation for four days. Punta Cana, DR. It was glorious.

I spent the remaining days on a staycation, per a promise to myself.

The entire 10 days, I refrained from a handful of things I probably definitely overdo — Instagram, email, Twitter, stats.

I set myself up well — no emergencies.

But a few things surprised me.

Expectation vs Reality

I expected to have strong urges to check email. In reality, I wasn’t once tempted to check. The more days went by, the less I was interested in diving into my inbox.

I expected it to take a full day to deal with email once I finally did check. In reality, it took less than an hour.

I expected my inbox to immediately, completely consume me again. In reality, it hasn’t at all.

I expected to enjoy checking Instagram after ten days away. In reality, I scanned through in five seconds and almost puked. Zero enjoyment.

I expected to have less interest in checking stats as the days went by; strong urges early on that would wane. In reality, the opposite happened. The last couple days of my staycation featured several STRONG urges to look at stats. It wasn’t for fear of any issues. It was probably more akin to a smoker’s urge after eight days of going cold turkey.

I expected ten days away to be boring and hardly as relaxing as I had hoped. In reality, I can’t recall the last time I felt so clear-minded, calm, and at peace with my business and life.

Ten days away.

Try it.

Out of office until December 21st

I’m gonna try.

10 days without checking email, Instagram, Twitter, stats, or news.

I think I can do it.

What’s the worst that can happen?

This isn’t an emergency situation by any means. Just a self-imposed week off-the-grid. Practicing what I preach.

So here’s what’s going dark:

Okay, that about covers it.

Oh yeah!

In case of emergency, call 911 because of this.

Good things,

Out of office

I’ll be out of the office until Monday after Thanksgiving.

Like, for real, though.

I’m going to MN to be with family, and they hate it when I’m on my phone during family time.

As do I.

(Well, I actually like being on my phone around family. It’s enjoyable. But I hate myself for it, so am going to try really hard to stay away while on PTO.)

As such, here are some answers to questions you may have for me (based on ones I’ve been receiving lately and ones I get this time of year).

  • Eat it all because of this.
  • This one is on sale through Cyber Monday, is a great deal, and does all the things well.
  • Otherwise, go with the latest and greatest (not on sale, but won’t be for at least 12 months, and is awesome).
  • Nah, I’m probably staying in.
  • I don’t (because of this), but don’t worry about me. I’ll find something to eat.
  • Okay, fine, I’ll meet for one drink.


Here, just email yourself from my phone

Figure out an alternative to business cards.


  • Unoriginal
  • Uncertain (if you’ll ever be contacted)
  • Unclear (what the call-to-action is)
  • Underperforming (compared to EVERY alternative to sharing contact info)

Being without business cards might be scary.

But that’s just how business card marketers want you to feel.

Instead, pass your phone. Offer your URL. Or something else that’s actually effective.

Anything but business cards.


You’re gonna want to get help. Build a team. Outsource.

That’s fine.

But don’t rush it. Or worry about the fact that you’re STILL doing everything yourself.

Building a team is smart if you have a crystal-clear project you’re looking to complete.

It’s not smart, however, without one.