Monthly Archives: December 2016


People don’t care about your religion. Or your politics. Or your children.

Theirs, though?

Oh, they’d love to hear about that.

Work shoes

Work shoes. You should get yourself a pair.

  • Not your dress shoes.
  • Not your snow boots.
  • Not your slippers.

The shoes you wear while you’re at work.

Remember: you’re not making a fashion statement.

It’s a different kind of statement.

I’m at work.

You’ll work better while you’re in ’em (at the office).

And you’ll work less while you’re out of ’em (at home).

Your work shoes.

Go get a pair.

One per day

You know.

One big marketing plan.

One big proposal.

One big blog post.

One big event itinerary.

One big whatever that’s unique, creative, and requires a fresh, uninterrupted, and boundless mind.

You get to do one per day.

No more.

So don’t do less, eh?

Expect it

Your computer is gonna crash.

You flight is gonna be cancelled.

Your batteries are gonna die.

Your bag is gonna break.

Your phone is gonna freeze.

It’s gonna happen.

Expect it.

You’re not the exception.

Your calls

Take them standing.

You’re glued to your keyboard the rest of the day. And at night you’re at the dinner table or in bed.

Stand, stretch, squat, pose, pace. Whatever you want.

Just don’t sit.

Just don’t

Drink coffee. Drink beer.

Of course, drink water.

But whatever you do, don’t drink soda. Not even diet.

Just don’t.

[Note: If you’re in your 70’s, this post does not apply to you. Hi, Nana.]