Monthly Archives: July 2016

What to do

Think about the times you’ve been the happiest. And think about the times when you made other people the happiest.

  • Is it selling lemonade?
  • Is it playing piano?
  • Is it fixing computers?
  • Is it writing about what you learned?
  • Is it telling jokes in front of an audience?
  • Is it hosting parties?
  • Is it that thing you enjoyed doing before you needed to pay your own bills?

Do that.

Do that forever.

Life of thirds

The life plan of thirds:

Spend the first third of your life learning, the next third making money, and the last third giving it all away.

This is nice at first glance.

But why not spend the entire life learning?

Then, the other two things will come naturally.


People don’t like hearing about the future.

You might be right.

You might be wrong.

But everyone would rather you come back to today.

Three questions

Three questions:

  1. What are you grateful for?
  2. What would make today a success?
  3. What would make today fun?

Answer these three questions first thing in the morning and all your problems will be solved.

Easy money

Easy money is so enticing.

But what’s the cost?

  • Aggravation?
  • Dilution?
  • Incremental internal emptyness?

It’s just money.

It can never your recover your most consistently, eternally depleting asset.


One question

  • Smokers that casually litter their butts.
  • The editor in chief of Time magazine who in this week’s (2016) issue sold a full page ad for American Spirit cigs.
  • “Hosts” of amateur firework shows.
  • The head of the NRA.
  • The head of TSA

These are all individuals I’d like to ask one question.

Are you fucking serious?

Ad blockers

Create a world that you would love.

If you don’t, someone will do it for you.¬†And if they do, that may come at a huge cost.

[If you don’t have the AdBlock extension enabled on your chrome browser and 1Blocker downloaded to your iPhone, do it now. Your world, as you want it.]