Monthly Archives: June 2016

Quit it

You might know very well that they should quit.

  • Their job.
  • Drinking soda.
  • Smoking cigs.
  • Eating processed snack food products.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Being obsessively, overly punctual.
  • Being habitually, carelessly late.

But you should quit wishing you could throttle them.

They’ll figure it out.


You’re going to encounter strangers that loathe you. And, unfortunately for you, sometimes they’re in complete control.

  • The TSA guy who has to the power to make you miss your flight to the beach or client meeting.
  • The bar manager who just poured you a light, stingy, and clearly, spitefully ungenerous drink.
  • The garbage truck driver who is sitting in your alley and ignoring your attempts to communicate a way for you to get to your garage.

If you can walk away, do it. If not, just concede that they won.

Resistance, questioning, and negotiations only make it worse.


Remember: for every person who might find your work annoying, there’s a dozen who find it inspiring.


So do your thing.

And let the annoyed be annoyed.


Feedback is sometimes so welcomed. You had no idea that’s what people were thinking!

But feedback should be treated like dinner party guests.

Be skeptical of anyone who came empty handed.

Bugging me

There are gonna be things that bug you. But instead of taking the time to fix it or change it or add it to the list, ask yourself: Does it matter? Or should you just get over it?

Kinda took the day off

If you catch yourself saying, “I kinda took the day off,” you should consider this: Wouldn’t it have been better to actually take the day off?


You will never have enough money. Or fame. Or comfort.

Someone will always have more.

Instead, seek understanding and usefulness and joy.

No, you can’t get enough of that stuff, either.

But this way, you can only compare against yourself.