Monthly Archives: May 2016


Any dispute. Any concern. Any dissatisfaction. Any insubordination. Any frustration. Any anything can be solved with a little appreciation.

“I appreciate your” is a great way to start ending all of that stuff above.

Back to work

It takes a long time to make anything great.

That great thing you wish you had or made or thought of?

It probably took a mini-lifetime to make it what it is today.

Go ahead.

Get back to work.


Yup, life is all about timing.

Run into bad timing?

Turn around and seek some good.

Diss a point

If you create for other people, you’re bound to disappoint.

If you create for yourself, you’ll probably disappoint, too.

But at least only one person’s disappointment will affect you.

How does it feel?

So, how does it feel to:

  • Be an uncle?
  • Be a graduate?
  • Be an adult?
  • Be a doctor?
  • Be a grandparent?

You can answer, now that this title has been bestowed upon you.

But to be able to provide a real answer, you have to fully immerse yourself in the new role.

Until you do, smile and say, “it’s great!”

The benefits

They’re sufficient to need a job.

They’re necessary to take a job.

But they’re insufficient to keep (or take) a bad job.

It’s to your benefit to never forget this.

7 words

How would someone else describe you (or your business)?

Don’t know?

Figure it out.

And here’s a hint. It’s usually less than 7 words.

What’s your objective here?

Before you start an email, meeting, invitation, task, project, phone call, do this:

Figure out your objective.

You’ll get that thing done so much faster, better and with less friction.

And, who doesn’t want that?