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Say somethin’

Next to you on the plane. In the elevator. In line for the rental car. At the lounge. At the bar. In the cab.

You’re not going to remember any of it.

The conversations you have there, however, you’ll never forget.

Say somethin’.

The original

Your first customer. Reader. Student. Supporter. Fan. Audience.

Your first everything that you do which requires you to put yourself out there will probably be your nana.

Yes, she’ll be your customer, reader, student, supporter, fan, audience no matter what. And she’s probably not the only one anymore.

But don’t forget to thank her for your continued support.

She always appreciates it. And so do the people who came after her.

Love you, Nana. 

I’m out of the office

Please know that I am still reading email, and if I don’t respond to yours, you haven’t indicated enough urgency.

When I get back to my desk in a couple of days, your problem will likely be solved, and I’ll be off the hook.

But if, by chance, you had something important or just wanted to tell me you appreciate me, I’ll get back to you when I return. (In this case, it’s Tuesday.)

Good things,

Three years of experience

It may feel like you have a ton of experience.

You’ve been doing good work your entire career!

But if you’ve only been out of college for three years,  your entire career is only three years.

It’s like a toddler saying they’re great at walking.

They might be. But drop them in an intersection in Midtown Manhattan and they’re gonna get crushed.

Point is this: enjoy your time as a toddler. You’ll be an adult dealing with toddlers before you know it.


There’s gonna be a monkey.

A monkey that bugs you all day.

He doesn’t want to work.

He wants to play.

Play with the monkey during the day, and you’ll be mad at him at night.

Play with him when the important stuff is done and you’ll happily do what he wants.

Monkey will get his attention.

And despite what it seems, he prefers it when you aren’t mad at him.

[HT Wait Buy Why]

You may work for a big firm

Their name on your business card.

It’s the reason your billable rate is 2 – 8x what it would be if you were working independently.

So there’s gonna be some pressure to perform. To live up to that name.

But remember the other name on your business card.

How dedicated are you to that one?