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How to be Single on Valentine’s

Single on Valentine’s Day?

You have two paths from which to choose:

Path 1:

  • Go to the bar alone.
  • Go to the bar with friends.
  • Stay home and troll Facebook.

Path 2:

  • Hang with your mother.
  • Babysit a friend’s kid.
  • Babysit a friend’s dog.

Take love or give it.

Which path will you choose?

A Case for Religion in Your Business

Religion is the perfect business.


  • Solves all of your problems.
  • Gets better when your friends do it.
  • Has no perfect substitutes.
  • Is incredibly sticky (because of above).
  • Generates mountains of money.
  • Can get not-for-profit status.
  • Connects people.
  • Motivates people.
  • Drives unpaid endorsements from common folk and celebs.
  • You get a lifetime membership
  • Costs money to learn and be certified.
  • Is for insiders only.
  • But is appealing and open to outsiders (who pay the tax).

This all, of course, assumes the religion is non-violent.

Even if you can’t do all of these, strive for some. Because the closer your lifestyle or practice or agency or school or store can be to a religion without calling itself one, the closer it will become to the perfect business.

Better than Longevity

Longevity is not a great incentive for most.

It’s abstract. It’s far away. And most demotivating of all, it still implies absolute and certain death.

But what if there was a cut-off date? A date where all of those still alive got to live forever?

Now that’s an incentive to stay healthy and well!

And while it’s incomprehensible, so was the internet in 1975.

And we’re moving faster and faster.

Moral of the story?

Eat plants and move your body for a chance to live forever.

[HT: For the most mind-blowing article you will read all year, cozy up for an hour with this two-part masterpiece on artificial intelligence from Wait But Why (aka my new favorite blog (yes, trumping my blogs))]

Your Soy Sauce Bottle

The guy who created the iconic Kikkoman soy sauce container died yesterday.

That’s his legacy.


It’s his one thing.

But remember this: He created thousands of other cool things.

Some great. Some not so great.

But did he ever sit down in an attempt to create that one thing? His proverbial soy sauce bottle?


The soy sauce bottle holds a lifetime of work. A lifetime of not worrying about what his soy sauce bottle will look like.

Own it or Quit

Do what you do.

But what if you feel the need to hide it from your immediate family?

Cigarette smoking, cheating, seatbelt not-wearing, etc.

Hey, if your family is okay with that stuff, go right ahead.

But, c’mon.

If they’re not, don’t hide it.

[HT to Sister Lan]


If you were to write your obituary today, what would it say?

Yes, this is a morbid question.

But, hey.

Maybe it will inspire you. Bring you focus.

Seems to always help me.

Fire Sale

Feeling lethargic before, during and after work?

Fire things.

Yes, firing things is difficult.

But it’s definitely than firing people. Before, during and after-the-fact.


You’re fired.


Results are all that matter.

Adding social media followers or fans doesn’t produce results.

Monitoring daily sales or traffic stats doesn’t produce results.

Hovering over your inbox doesn’t produce results.

Yes, it’s tempting to do all those things. Heck, it’s easy.

But while they feel productive, they don’t get you what you really want.

What everybody expects.


Laziness and Busyness

Telling people you’re busy is one thing.

Telling yourself you’re busy is another.

That, my friends, is probably just laziness.

Spending time on the wrong things means you’re not spending time thinking.

Don’t be lazy.


You’ll feel less busy.


Look at the people above you. Or, the ones you follow. Basically, the people that influence you.

Now ask yourself: Is that who you want to be?

I mean everything. Influence, family life, responsibilities.

If yes, continue on the path you’re on.

If no, quit your job, unfollow, and unsubscribe.

It’s that simple.